no llores por mí, alemania

no llores por mí, alemania

Sometimes you’re sitting in a café that coincidentally sells bier and bratwurst and you read your best friend’s blog who is approx. 9.322,03 km away. And you just cry a little bit in public out of happiness when you read a post about how well she is doing and how proud you are of her. Because you inherited your grandma’s genes for this sort of emotional reaction. And you can’t help it dammit. 

And as the waiter brings you your coffee and asks if you need a napkin you remember how lucky you are to be blessed to know such spectacular humans.

And unexpectedly you’re filled with profound reverence for the fact that even though right now they’re not a train ride away, or a bike ride away, or a yell down the hall, just knowing they are a part of your life is sufficient.

This last week has been quite a ride with work starting and getting used to my new living situation, which I’ll write about soon (maybe). It’s comforting to take this step back and reconfirm what I know to be true – that what counts most are the people, not the things, we fill our lives with. If you’re reading this, there’s a 100% chance you’re one of those people… so thanks for being you!


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